Chris Adams

Ciao sono Chris!

  • Chris Adams
  • Verona, Italia
  • I speak: Italiano, English, Nederlands


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About me

Painting for me is an exercise in layering until it reaches an emotional tipping point. Rather than starting with a preconceived idea, I begin with a texture or shape or rhythmic format and then commence building in a process that is intuitive rather than intellectual, as if the painting were leading me rather than vice versa. Little or much time might pass between each layer as I experiment with form and colour while incorporating a structural framework on which the image can find a footing. I stop when I feel the painting is realized. I am particularly drawn to abstract painting (although there is figurative work as well) because it is an expression of emotion – elusive yet persuasive, irrational yet comprehensible.

Il mio mondo, i miei luoghi

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