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  • Magdy Elkafrawy
  • Cairo, Egitto
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About me

Magdy al-Kafrawi: is an Egyptian artist who believes the grandest thing in the universe is the human being and the grandest in the human being is the soul. Hence he is occupied in his works by capturing this soul in its different forms. His canvases always include individuals and in particular women which represent to him a transparent container of the soul. Through the faces of women he captures the different status of the soul, its reactions, values, problems, and deepest secrets.

Magdy al-Kafrawi is occupied by the classical composition of the canvas as his colors interact in harmony and balance. He is fond of playing with tones or levels of the same color to the extent one might view the one canvas is a display of different tones of the same color. He also manipulated his favorite color material – oil - to be malleable and change from its normal coarse nature to the smoothness of water colors.

The shadows and light in his works change by the change of the light entries and affect the tone of color.

Decoration also has a prominent place in his works. If individuals are the soul of the canvas, the decoration is the geography of the soul, its history, places and stories of abundant details which tell you a new story every time you look at it.

Memberships: Member of Union of plastic artists

Member of Cairo Atelier for books and artists

Member of association of lovers of visual arts

Member of Civil organization for visual arts

Member of Omani organization for visual arts

Member of Panel of judges at WHO

Member of panel of Ratib Sidik competition 2004

Mobile: 002 0122 475 719


Bachelor's degree of visual arts 1995
Title: Title
((Personal Exhibitions:))

- Exhibition at Cairo atelier 1997

- Exhibition at Doha – Qatar 1999

- Exhibition at Jamila hall 2000

- Exhibition at CSA 2001

- Exhibition at Cairo atelier 2002

- Exhibition at Ramatan cultural centre located inside Taha Hussein Museum

- Exhibition in Manama – Bahrian in 2005.

- Exhibition at the Omani association for visual arts – Muscat 2006

- Exhibition at Rateb Sidik hall – Cairo 2007

- Exhibition at Alexandria center for creativity – February 2010

((Participation in group international exhibitions:))

- Exhibition of cultural exchange in Kuwait in 1997.

- Exhibition of cultural exchange in Qatar in 1998.

- Biennale Gabrova for comic and sarcastic arts in Bulgaria 2007

- Local collective exhibitions.

((I also participated in more than a hundred exhibitions the most important of which were:))

- Salon of Cairo atelier from 2000 to 2010

- Zeinab Khatoun exhibition 2001

- Quadripartite exhibition in Cairo atelier 2001

- Quadripartite exhibition in the Russian cultural centre atelier 2001

- Collective exhibition in museum of Ahmed Shaky 2002

- Exhibition in Arabesque hall 2002

- Fifth salon for small projects at Art Complex 2002

- Exhibition in Deroub hall in Garden City in 2003

- Exhibition in Expo hall 2004

- Ramadaniat exhibition in Cairo atelier 2005

- The first exhibition for the meeting between art and masses 2008

- The exhibition of the visual arts workshop in Sawy Cultural Wheel in 2008.

- The exhibition of the journey of the sacred family at Saad Zaghlul centre 2009. Gauguin

- 50x70 Exhibition at Gauguin hall in Zamalek, June 2009.

- Layali al-Mahrussa exhibition at Citadel, August 2009, 2010.

- Exhibition at Al-Arish museum for antiquities, April 2010.

- First salon of Cordoba for small works at Cordoba hall, March 2011.

Date: 1 January 1970
Title: Title
- The utopia project in Meet Shamas village in Manawat of Giza, the general authority of cultural palaces.

- The project of meeting art and masses at Ministry of Cultural.

- Workshop at the academy of Lalita Kala, New Delhi, India

- He drew for children at most of the Arab periodicals.

- Dar el Roka publishing house in Lebanon published a series of books for children.

((((His works are held at the museum of modern Egyptian arts in Egypt as well as the Egyptian Ministries of Culture and Youth and Qatari ministry of Youth. Individuals from Egypt, USA, Germany, Canada, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi, Australia, Holland and France also possess items of his works.))))

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