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  • Angelica Argüelles Kubli
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Angélica Argüelles Kubli.

Painter, born in Mexico City. Since she started her undergraduate studies in Graphic Design at Universidad Iberoamericana in 1981, she has explored different art techniques, developing and mastering her abilities in drawing and painting.

Angelica graduated with a specialization in illustration. She worked as a graphic designer for several years after which, she improved her oil painting techniques and experimented with other textures. In 2004, she opened her own workshop, where she spends long hours painting her dreams, fantasies and realities on her canvases. Her work represents simple models which communicate ideas under colorful and understandable forms for everyone. Her originality and artistic freedom take her compositions out of the traditional and academic conventionalisms. The way she uses the color and forms are product of a natural gift.

Angelica has participated in more than 170 group exhibitions, among which “Suma de talentos” , “Art Now”, “Galeria de los Milagros” and “Palli Tlamaqui” were taken over to different cities in Mexico and Cuba. Other 24 individual exhibitions are included in her vast artistic path.

Angelica´s paintings have been exhibited in different galleries and museums around the Mexican Republic such as the National Museum of Arts and Culture From Chapingo University, the arts showroom at Puebla´s Airport, and the Arts Museum in Mazatlan Sinaloa.

As part of Angelica´s activites of social responsability, she has made painting donations to be auctioned by “México vivo” foundation at the Modern Art Museum of Mexico city.

Recently, Angelica was granted by the Global Quality Foundation with the “excelsis diamond” recognition as successful woman for her quality in her art performance.

Data: 6 Aprile 2020
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