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  • Alioune BI
  • Mogliano Veneto, Italia
  • Parlo: English, Français


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Chi sono

Alioune Biaye (Slysajah) is a multi instrumentalist, singer,song writer, (Kamale Ngoni player, Kora player, Guitarist, keyboardist, pianist), composer, sound engineer and arranger bassed in Venice ITALY. After many years of perfoming and collaborating as a Keyboard player, Guitarist and Kora player with various artist in the world... In 2002 he started dedicating his full time on composing, arranging music and creating new style and forms of music: Afro-manding, Afro-bugarabu, Afro-reggae. He tries to live with his band,inspired Afro-beat,Blues & Reggae. He is a member of the Baye Fall movement. Sound-spiritual movement which brings together all the religions of the world. He believes that the property is hidden in the heart of everyone and we should better watch his heart to do good around us. Whatever gives nausea to the vulture and makes hyenas vomit, make sure it comes to me i will trsansform it to purity (Mame Cheikh Ibra Fall) Baye Fall is being at one with all one energy. Undertaking all work as prayer,they recognizable by their hair worn as locks. Their colorful patchwork garnments prayer beads around their neck . They do not pray five times a day,neither do they fast once a year .some consider them an evolution of the Ceddo.Warriors in the old Aristocracy of Africa. Theyh are Sufi?s they own nothing.sometimes beg for their sustenance they give everything. Baye Fall is like a funnel he does not keep oil. Whoever has not yet polished his heart from all vanities will never know joy, the Baye Fall sing all the night in a circle and rotate as clockwise the key into the other time. Lah ilaha ill Allah. Resonance from the hearts vibrations overwhelming time and space .The circle is the jorney back to one?s self there is no begining and no end there is only One.

Il mio mondo, i miei luoghi

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