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Gino Baffo is a Venetian artist. Here, the adjective “Venetian” is not meant to be a mere indication of origin.
It is rather a feeling of affinity, of total symbiosis. Baffo is Venetian not just because of birth and lineage, not
just because he lives there; he is Venetian in the deepest and most inescapable meaning of the word.
Venice is not a city, it is not merely a place, it will never be an address. It is a way of life, it is a calling, it is an
act of love. Venice is a mother’s womb, a spiritual uterus, an undeniable part of one’s DNA, and Gino is one
of her favourite, beloved sons, tied to her stones and waters in a visceral, eternal way.
Born in Venice in 1957 he never leaves her, not for an instant, and he still lives and works there today, near
this endless source of inspiration and emotions he beholds with unwavering devotion.
At eleven years old he starts his apprenticeship in Maestro Alfredo Barutti’s bottega, a restoration
workshop, where he works for thirteen years acquiring numerous skills in the usage of pigments and other
materials used for restoration of old paintings and furniture, getting acquainted with all kinds of artistic
expressions. His style will forever be influenced by this, as he will be able to use these ancient techniques
and apply them to his own idea of contemporary.
After that, the artist enriches his artistic knowledge by taking numerous courses at Venice’s Accademia delle
Belle Art (Fine Art Academy), applying his handicrafts to the more sophisticated context of contemporary
art and, starting in the early two thousands, making this his only purpose in life.
In his work, particularly in the first period, it is colour that has the most relevance. He paints secluded vistas
of the Venice he holds dearest, almost as if offering us the key to unveil her elusive mystery; his narration is
always developed amidst those visual contexts that mark him as a person who “belong to the lagoon”.
His work will be progressively set on a course where matter becomes increasingly relevant, where layers of
thick colours mingle with rough fabrics often soaked in chalk, and other unrefined materials to obtain
amazing effects.
This is how the “books” are born; they are works of high conceptual value that lead his paintings to a new,
three-dimensional, extremely poetic territory.
Gino Baffo’s spirituality evolves to a point where colours degrade towards absolute white, becoming shape
and thought, tale and content, relentlessly becoming poetry and narration, a deep and devoted homage to
the secret appeal of his beloved city.
After various expositions, in 2013 he participated to the 55th Biennale of Venice in the Officina delle Zattere
as a guest of the National Pavillion of Bangladesh, presenting a show of high visual impact that was deemed
very successful by the public.
In 2014 he was invited to show some of his most recent works – and some of his “books” among them – in a
setting that had previously hosted other important expositions for the Biennale; he brought his pieces to
Fondazione Thets, in the “Arsenale” area in Venice, where they have become a part of the permanent
exhibition. During 2015 were two exhibitions in Venice during the months of April / May, "Shadows in the
Mist" at the Officina delle Zattere and "Libra-Book" at the gallery Castello925
Venation artist born in 1951, work and live in Venice

his studio in a church in sant'andrea island near to venice

he did many solo exhibitions in Venice and Rome

he always welcomes to show his artworks in his unique studio

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