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The first time you never forget

August 2010, Belgrade.
We had been traveling for days when, almost by chance, we happened upon a small art gallery in the capital of Serbia. Exhibiting inside, an interesting local freelance photographer.

We did the classic tour of the gallery and when we reached the end the artist unexpectedly invited all the travellers present to "hop over to my house to see the city from a different point of view".

MyHomeGallery was born that day, even if none of us actually realised it. The project was born in the home of an artist, in a popular district of Serbia that we probably never would have visited if we had stuck to the guidebooks that were shoved in our backpacks.

It was a great opportunity for us and since we believe that opportunities are only really great if they are shared, we went back home, sat around a table, prepared something to eat, uncorked a bottle of wine and ... and, well, now here we (and you) are.