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What about safety?

The safety of our community members is extremely important to us and we call upon all MyHomeGallery users to participate in rendering the MyHomeGallery world as safe as possible. Security takes precedence before all the following information and should be your first consideration before hosting or participating in a Home Gallery visit.
User Profile: One of the key means of ensuring safety within the MyHomeGallery community is by creating an open and honest user profile. Through a user profile, it is possible to determine how users present themselves, what their characteristics are, how many visits they have participated in (as either host, or guest, or both) and generally how they conduct themselves: important information that helps you to make an informed evaluation. The more information you share about yourself and the experiences that you have had with other MyHomeGallery users, the more MyHomeGallery will become an “open-book” community, allowing users to make informed decisions about the people they want to connect with and the places they want to visit. It is a two-way street. Artists want to know who they are letting into their homes and studios, and visitors want to know who they are going to visit.
Feedback (under construction): Actively participating in the feedback system plays an enormous role in ensuring the safety of the MyHomeGallery community. Through the descriptions and ratings that users share about their MyHomeGallery experiences, others users are able to evaluate potential contacts. For this reason it’s really important that all MyHomeGallery users (whether you are an artist, an art enthusiast, a traveller, or all three) actively participate in the feedback process. The feedback system was specifically designed to allow users to freely express both the positive and negative aspects of their MyHomeGallery experiences. In keeping with our philosophy of creating an open and positive community, we invite all users to be open and honest in their evaluations while respecting the community’s philosophy of courtesy and cultural tolerance. If you have a criticism to make, please make it a constructive criticism so that not only the user but the community as a whole can improve. Any derogatory or racially/sexually/culturally inappropriate comment will be blocked. If someone uses MyHomeGallery in an inappropriate manner you can register a complaint at the following link

What should I do if, during a MyHomeGallery visit, I sense that I am in danger?

MyHomeGallery recommends that you always notify someone if you are planning to host or participate in a Home Gallery visit. If, during a MyHomeGallery visit, you feel that your safety is being compromised:
• Alert the relevant authorities immediately.
• Contact MyHomeGallery with your complaint and we will investigate the issue immediately.
If we feel it is necessary, the user in question will be blocked from the MyHomeGallery community.

What is a “certified user”?

MyHomeGallery is not responsible for the accuracy of data entered by its users. However, anyone who makes a donation, whatever the amount, is automatically assigned “certified user” status (“certified” in the sense that all data provided during the registration process is verified). This option provides an additional guarantee about the user and is recommended by the MyHomeGallery team as an additional means of filtering out spam users and ensuring the security of the MyHomeGallery community. A dedicated icon will appear on the personal profile page of all “certified users”, confirming that they have been authenticated by MyHomeGallery.

What if a visitor damages or steals something from my home/studio?

MyHomeGallery takes no responsibility for any damage or theft that may occur during a MyHomeGallery visit. That said, we believe in creating a positive and courteous community and encourage all our users to observe the same general rules of common courtesy that they would wish to receive when hosting people in their own homes.

Does MHG offer insurance to cover any possible damage or theft caused by visitors to my home/studio?

MyHomeGallery does not offer any kind of insurance to its users.


Due to the fact that MHG does not participate in any commercial activity that takes place, all matters relating to fee payments for visits, guided tours, overnight stays, artwork sales or any other paid service incorporated in the Home Gallery visit, must be directly and entirely negotiated by the parties involved and conducted in accordance with local invoicing laws. MyHomeGallery does not offer any fiscal consultancy advice nor does it accept any responsibility for issues relating to or from the sale and invoicing of products or services.


How is my privacy protected?

The information that MyHomeGallery receives from each community member is used solely and exclusively for the purpose of improving our services. This information is considered public information that the MyHomeGallery user has willingly divulged. Any additional information required in order to organise a MyHomeGallery visit (address, telephone, etc.) will be supplied through private messaging between the artist and visitor.

Account Cancellation

Can I cancel my account?

Of course. Although we hate to see you go, you are free to deactivate your account at any time. Eliminating an account means that it will be permanently deleted from the MyHomeGallery archive so only eliminate your account if you are absolutely certain that you do not want to reactivate it in the future.