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Are you looking for feedback from an art critic from New York? Would you like to sell your work to a Scottish traveller? Can you imagine exhibiting your art work to a Sri Lankan tourist? Would you like to earn a little extra discussing your art over dinner with a Russian traveller or accompanying a Swiss backpacker on a guided tour of your favourite places in your city?


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Sign up for free to MyHomeGallery as an artist and customise your profile page with information describing yourself, your art and your Home Gallery. Your page will not be visible until you have fully completed your profile, at which point visitors will be able to contact you to schedule an appointment to visit you.

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    By registering as a MyHomeGallery artist you have the possibility of opening your home or studio to visitors as if it were an art gallery. On appointment travellers, art lovers, curators, collectors, colleagues and the generally curious can come and meet you, see your work and, if interested, purchase directly from you. Registration is completely free. To proceed with registration, click here

    Personal Profile

    To help potential visitors get a clear picture of you, your artwork and the kind of Home Gallery visits you offer, please ensure that you complete your profile page with the following information:
    • In the "MyGallery" section: upload images of your artwork
    • In the "MyHome" section: upload images of your home or studio and your town
    • In the “InfoArtist” and “InfoVisit” sections: include some general information about yourself as well as a description of the kind of Home Gallery visit you offer

    Please note that until this information is complete, your personal profile page will not be visible to others.

    "MyGallery" - Images of your artworks

    In the "MyGallery" section of your personal profile page, upload as many images of your artwork as possible. It is important to use quality images that showcase your artwork to the maximum: don’t forget that in this virtual gallery it is the images that go the furthest to promoting your work. To add images of your artwork to your profile, click on the green “MyGallery” button and then click on “Create New Folder”. A new folder titled “MyArt” will appear to the right. By clicking on this folder you can add a title, a description and as many images as you like. You are free to create as many folders as you like, organising your artwork in line with your own personal logic. If, for example, you're both a painter and a photographer, you can divide your images into two separate “painting” and “photography” folders. Or perhaps you prefer to create subfolders dedicated to each different project you have created.

    MyHome - Images of your Home Gallery

    Exhibiting images of your artwork is not enough to give visitors an idea of the kind of Home Gallery experience they can expect. They also want to see images of where they will be going. What kind of space will they be visiting? An urban warehouse in the city or a farmhouse in the country? An apartment in the historic centre of the old city or a bohemian studio? What will they see from your window? Will your artworks by exhibited all around them? What is the general feel of your space? Add pictures of your Home Gallery to the "MyHome" folder. It is important to use quality images that showcase your home and the way you live to the maximum. To add images of your home/studio to your profile page, click on the green “MyHome” button and then click on “Create New Folder”. A new folder titled “MyHome” will appear to the right. By clicking on this folder you can add a title, a description and as many images of your space and your lifestyle as you like.


    To let visitors know who you are, what you’re up to, what projects you’re working on and who you’re collaborating with, you can add news updates to your profile. Simply click on the "News-Events" button and proceed with the inclusion of your latest news by clicking the green "Insert News" button that appears on the right side of the page. Each news you post will appear not only on your profile page but on the home page of every user who is following you.



Each artist is free to design exactly the kind of Home Visit that he or she wants. A Home Gallery visit may include a simple art gallery style tour or a one-on-one workshop, it may include a shared convivial moment such as a lunch or dinner, or you may want to offer a guided tour of your home town. The only limit is your imagination. Be sure to clearly describe exactly what visitors can expect from a visit to your Home Gallery, how it will be organised and what, if any, entry fees there are to pay.

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  • Visit Description

    In the "InfoVisit" section of your profile page include a clear description of exactly what a visit to your Home Gallery entails and how it will be organised.

    Extra Services

    If you are available to offer extra services beyond the basic Home Gallery visit (be it a one-on-one workshop, a performance, a lunch or dinner, a guided tour of your home town, etc.) be sure to describe those services in the dedicated spaces of the “InfoVisit” section. MyHomeGallery tourists are interested in finding new ways of experiencing the cities they visit and they love discovering the hidden aspects of places through the eyes of a local artist. The more creatively unique Home Gallery experience you offer, the more visitors requests you will receive!

    Home Gallery Entry Fee

    It is important to clarify upfront if a visit to your Home Gallery is free-of-charge or whether it incurs an entry fee. You are completely free to determine how much you want to charge visitors and all payments should be made directly to you during the visit. We recommend that you enter a price that is in line with the services you are offering. For instance, a simple Home Gallery visit may be free-of-charge or, at the most, incur a symbolic entry fee. Other services, such as a meal, a one-on-one workshop or a guided tour may incur additional costs. Whatever the service, try to maintain a price that is suited to that service.



It is important that you feel comfortable with whoever comes to visit your Home Gallery. A MyHomeGallery meeting should be a bit like a visit from friends, which is why it is important that there is an open exchange of information by both parties when someone contacts you. Once you confirm a visitor’s request please provide them with all the necessary information needed to reach your Home Gallery with ease.

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  • Messages

    Visitors who wish to visit your Home Gallery will contact you directly via MyHomeGallery’s internal messaging system to ask questions about you and your space and to confirm your availability. It is here that you can “break the ice” and learn more about your potential guests. All messages will appear in your profile page message box and you will also be notified by email every time you receive a new message.

    What to ask?

    Chatting and getting to know your visitors through messages first, explaining what a visit to your Home Gallery will be like and helping visitors to understand what they can expect, is the secret to creating a successful MyHomeGallery experience. You may want to ask potential visitors questions such as: What is the purpose of your visit? Who and how many will you be? Are you interested in the additional services that I offer during a visit? You may also want to ask them for their friendship on Facebook to help you get to know them better and ensure greater peace of mind during your face-to-face meeting.


    Keep in touch with future visitors and confirm your availability to receive them in your Home Gallery on the predetermined day, at the predetermined time. At the moment of confirmation make sure you have furnished all the necessary information regarding the upcoming visit: • Confirmation of visit date and time • Home Gallery address and directions for arrival • Exchange phone numbers in case of need for urgent communication


Open your Home Gallery!

Receive visitors in your Home Gallery, present your art work, share your creative experiences and offer insight into the place where you live. Follow through with any previously agreed upon activities and, if predetermined, collect an entry fee from your visitors.

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  • Welcome your guests

    It's time to open the doors of your Home Gallery! Time to present your work, recount your experiences and share your creative space. The people that have come to visit your Home Gallery are here to learn about you and your creative process. If, in addition to the Home Gallery visit, you have offered additional services (a guided tour of the city, a workshop, etc.) please make sure you leave enough time for these additional extras to be experienced fully. The meeting between artist and art enthusiast should be a unique experience for both parties… and if one of your guests is interested in purchasing your art work, now is the time to strike a deal with no middleman present!

    Entry Fee Payment

    If an entry fee was specified in the visit description, now is the time to collect it!