MyHomeGallery believes that:

We, the people, are the arts. Art is born from the creative urgency to also express itself outside of a gallery.

Art is sometimes hidden and secret, it lives in homes, in small workshops full of magic, in city alleyways and in the attics of popular districts.

Art is a window onto cities and metropolitan spaces.

Art does not always reach the general public due to the fact that it is so much more vast and multifaceted, so much less regular and predictable, than the art market that tries to contain it.

Art is polyhydric, colourful, full of courage.

Art is a job and, as such, is something that one can live on.

Art, be it improvised or noble, recognised or underground, peripheral or central, radical chic or country, conceptual or extreme, is always a journey

MyHomeGallery therefore aims to:

Overcome the singularity of the idea of an art gallery.

Think about the artist as well as the art lover, the inquisitive mind and the traveller as a multi-dimensional being.

Revolutionize the art market as it is commonly understood, promoting human contact made up of glances, shared spaces and words.

Treat travel as an unmissable opportunity to create a point of contact between artists and art lovers without the involvement of any intermediaries, in a warm and inviting environment such as the home or the studio of the artist himself, free of charge.