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Would you like to visit a Venetian sculptor's installation while he recounts tales of what life on the lagoon is like? How about dining at the home of a Milanese designer or attending the open house of an architect from Verona? Are you intrigued by the idea of sharing a beer with a photographer in her Mexico City studio while she takes your portrait or travelling to Rome for a one-on-one workshop with a local painter? What about the idea of discussing art with an illustrator while staying at his farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside? Happy MHG-ing!

What is MyHomeGallery?

MyHomeGallery artists open their homes as if they were art galleries and to that end we like to define MyHomeGallery as a "showcase" for artists and a "window" for travellers. Visit artists in their Home Galleries and enjoy a "made to measure" exhibition, get to know both the artist and their work, as well as the places where they create and live. Discover the infinite experiences that MyHomeGallery artists offer their guests because with MyHomeGallery each encounter is unique!

What is MyHomeGallery’s Objective?

MyHomeGallery's objective is to create direct, uncorrupted contact between artist and art enthusiast in a cosy, original and inviting environment such as an artist's home. MyHomeGallery also aims to promote a new form of cultural tourism, one which allows visitors to discover the hidden essence of the place they are visiting or discover new sides of the city where they live.



Are you a tourist, an art lover, a collector or simply a traveller who wants to discover a new form of cultural tourism? Welcome to MyHomeGallery! Search for artists that interest you by entering your travel destination or the name of the city where you live in the search field or on the map that you will find on our home page at

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  • Types of Art

    If you are interested in a particular type of art you can filter your search on that basis, choosing from the green filter bar the art categories that interest you the most: music, painting, sculpture, design, photography, and so on.


    On the search page, on the right of the destination search field, you can activate a variety of useful filters to help you refine your search. You can, for example, sort the artists by date of entry or display only those that also offer accommodation for the night.



Contact the artist by clicking on the blue "Contact" button located in the top right-hand corner of his or her profile page. Ask all the questions necessary to clearly determine what the visit involves, whether other services beyond the basic Home Gallery visit are included, what the artist’s availability is and what, if any, fees must be paid.

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  • Free Registration

    In order to contact an artist directly you must be registered with MyHomeGallery which automatically opens a profile page for you. This allows artists to see who you are before confirming their availability to receive your visit. Registration is completely free. To proceed with registration, click here.

    Personal Profile

    It is really important that you complete your profile page in its entirety given that most artists prefer to see who their potential guests are. You can edit your profile by clicking the green "Edit Profile" button in the "Info" section of your personal profile page.

    Home Gallery Visit Details

    Every MyHomeGallery artist is free to design the nature of the visits they host in their Home Galleries as they wish. Beyond the basic Home Gallery visit, the experience may include a demonstration of how the artist works, a guided tour of the city, a one-on-one workshop or simply a shared meal with your host. Be sure to finalise all details relative to the upcoming visit, confirming any additional services that will be included besides the actual Home Gallery visit.

    Entry Fee

    Some MyHomeGallery visits are free of charge while others may incur an entry fee, especially if the visit includes additional services such as a one-on-one workshop with the artist, a lunch or dinner, a guided tour of the artist’s favourite haunts around town. The pre-determine fee, which covers any expenses incurred by the artist for the services provided, should be clearly indicated prior to the visit and payment should be settled directly with the artist on arrival at his or her Home Gallery.


    Your visit request is not final until it has been confirmed by the artist. At the moment of confirmation make sure you have received all the necessary information from the artist regarding the upcoming visit:
    • Confirmation of visit date and time
    • Home Gallery address and directions for arrival
    • Host’s phone number in case of need for urgent communication


Visit (… and start MHG-ing!)

Visit artists in their Home Galleries and enjoy a "made to measure" exhibition, get to know both the artist and their work, as well as the places where they create and live. Come into direct contact with the fascinating environments in which art works are created and get to know the places you visit through the unique eyes of an insider. Discover the infinite experiences that MyHomeGallery artists offer their visitors because with MyHomeGallery each encounter is unique!

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  • Arrival

    Finally the moment has arrived for you to visit a Home Gallery… Happy MHG-ing! Try to be as punctual as possible and if your are running late please notify your MyHomeGallery host by telephone. If the visit has a pre-established entry fee, please pay it directly to the artist. You are not obliged to buy any of the artist’s art works but if you would like to do so, this is definitely the perfect occasion… when there is no middleman present!

    Booking Amendment or Cancellation

    If for some reason you need to cancel or change the dates of your visit we recommend that you contact your host at least 48 hours before your agreed meeting time so that they can accept other bookings and you can eventually agree on another visit day and time.

    Entry Fee Payment

    If an entry fee was specified in the visit description, now is the time to pay it!


    DAfter your stay don’t forget to write a feedback! These reviews are essential in letting other users know what kind of experience they can expect when visiting the Home Gallery of an artist.